Grow Strong: Storm eating and my quest to recover

Storms throw everything off. My workout routine and my eating routine. I found myself eating my way through the storm. First, last week, it was anticipation eating. I’m a nervous eater. When I get stressed I reach for something, anything, to chew on. Then, when the power went out I found myself saying well we don’t want this food to go bad, and since I’m not doing anything else, why don’t I just finish the leftovers. And then, recovery eating, when things get back to normal that comfort food just seemed so right. Ugh. Now I’ll admit, I could have prepared a bit better with even more fruits and veggies in the house but I did have those available to me…I just chose to eat the carbs and the richer foods because, hi, my name is Lisa and I’m an emotional eater.

Well on Saturday I channeled some angst into emotional shoveling! Having missed a session with Nancy due to the weather, I wanted to get some cardio and some upper body in and naturally shoveling was the answer! I didn’t want to over due it so I would shovel smaller sections of snow and take breaks to check in on my body. Yeah, I felt it the next day (or two) but I paced myself and knew when I needed to chill out. With 2+ feet of snow I definitely worked up a sweat and I was glad to get out of the house.

Healthtrax opened on Sunday for a few hours and then opened fully on Monday. My next session with Nancy was this past Wednesday and we focused on upper body. As I drove to the gym I thought about how Healthtrax was such a great resource for their members who might not have had power – you could come to the gym to shower, to charge your phone and spend time working out. And with the kids out of a school for a day or two it’s a great place to keep them busy between the pool and the kids activities and programs.

When Nancy and I met on Wednesday we tackled my upper body but today she mixed in more cardio than usual. It makes total sense because during her segment on The South Shore’s Morning News last week (and you can hear that in the audio archives below) she talked about muscle confusion. So it was a fast-paced session of moving from boxing, to tricep and bicep work to the treadmill to run for 2 minutes and then back to the arms. Moving around constantly kept my heart rate up and the hour flew by! My favorite challenge came during the second half of the session. Nancy brought out the bosu (bow-sue). Now if you’ve been to Healthtrax you’ll see the bosu in the area where the mats are, where the kettle bells are, near the basketball court. There is one near the spinning room too. It’s a blue ball that looks like it’s cut in half and the other half is rubber so it sits on the ground and doesn’t move. This is perfect for working on your balance. So the challenge was this: balance myself on the bosu and do tricep and bicep work. Check out the video, by the end of the hour I was a master! And I felt very proud of myself for being able to fully engage my core/abs, my quads and, keep steady on the bosu and complete some arm work.

And yes…my arms were very tired after the session but I felt great! Like I always do after a work out! I’m giving myself a pat on the back for powering through and mastering something that was a challenge for me.

When Nancy and I meet again it’s more leg work. I. Am. Ready!!

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