Grow Strong: Come work out…for free! Also, my eating diary

You can workout today, Saturday and Sunday for free at Healthtrax – it’s open house week! I encourage you to get down to 20 East Street in Hanover and see where I work my butt off on my Grow Strong quest!

I’m getting ready to head to my session with Nancy and I’m feeling really good. I put my tight jeans on today – and they don’t feel tight! In fact I wish I remembered to wear my belt because they’re a little too loose for my liking! But I’m not complaining at all! I’m happy.

I was telling my fiance (ahhhhh, still getting used to that word!) that I feel good about my progress but I notice it takes longer to get there as I’ve been aging! I expected that, I’m realistic about it, I’m just also eager to get there quicker! So I’m stepping up my game, both on the eating side and at Healthtrax! My goal this week: get to the gym 6 days. I’ll give myself one day off next week. And I’ll start this quest today! So by next Friday I’ll want to be able to tell you that I’ve gone 6 out of 7 days to Healthtrax. AND….I want to try a spin class. My soon-to-be sister-in-law swears by spin classes and is encouraging me to try it so I promised her I would. And I’ll do that one of my six days at the gym next week!

I’m also being more cognizant of what I’m eating. Now, I’ll admit, I don’t deny myself a splurge here and there but I’m getting better about tracking. Sometimes I write it down, other times I take a picture of my meal. Like this morning. Here’s a pic of what I’ve been eating for the morning. As I look through the pics on my phone it inspires me to keep at it, to keep adding colorful fruits and veggies, to keep adding more lean protein and to keep up with my water intakes.

Here’s to a weekend of solid workouts, wise food choices and looser jeans!

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