Grow Strong: Giving classics a refresh

Last week and this week at the gym some classic exercises have been given a refresh. With personal coach Nancy and with personal coach Nikki (filling in while Nancy is away) I’ve been learning that those classic exercises can take on a new life – and add more umph – to your workout.

Take the standard sit up. Definitely a good workout for your core, but check out the latest video where Niki added a 9 lb. bar. The weight makes you work harder, not just making your core stronger but now my shoulders are getting more of a workout. My arms definitely need more strength so I was loving this one.

And in the video you’ll also see me use a bosu – it’s one of my new favorite tools. I can’t lie, at first I really dreaded using the bosu! It was my nemesis because when you use it you have to keep your balance WHILE you’re doing exercises. That has been tough for me, but I really love the challenge.

Ok. Take note here. BIG shift. I love the challenge. Wow. I signed up to challenge myself and I’m really embracing it. I want to be challenged, I want to be pushed. My training team at Healthtrax is really helping me because without them…I wouldn’t be pushing myself as hard. I wouldn’t be spicing up my routine. I can’t thank them enough.

Ok, back to the exercises and back to the bosu ball, my new love. Check out the picture – one side is stable and sits on the ground, the other side is a half a ball. You can do anything from push ups to lunges on the bosu and more.

Nikki and I also used the bosu for some bicep exercises like the traditional curl, the hammer curl and a t-like movement with the weight. I’m quiet when I use the bosu. I’m concentrating hard on balancing my feet on the ball while keeping form with the curls! Takes lots of focus but I love that once again it’s a wonderful multi-muscle exercise, more bang for your buck. :)

Healthtrax is holding an open house soon! You can meet Nancy, Nikki and the rest of the staff and you can work out for free the week of March 11 – 17. Come in and take a class, take a swim and check out the gym.

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