Marshfield: Advisory board chair lashes out at DPW during town meeting article review meeting

A public meeting was held in Marshfield Wednesday night at the Martinson Elementary School between the Board of Selectmen and Advisory Board, to discuss warrant articles for the upcoming special and annual town meetings.

Some of the articles of interest included a temporary moratorium on medical marijuana and a $5 million seawall article from the DPW.

However, there were a few DPW articles that the advisory board said they didn’t know about – for instance one that appropriates funds to audit cemetery records – which drew the ire of Advisory Board Chair Keith Polansky.

Polansky told DPW Superintendent Tom Reynolds, “I hate surprises like this and I’m not happy about the information I’m getting from the DPW this year, in putting us in a hole every time we turn around. We don’t have the $50,000. To me, this is something that may be important to the town, but isn’t something we need to do right away. This is me talking. This isn’t the rest of the board because we haven’t voted on it yet. But I think this is irresponsible – these kind of articles – without talking to the financial teams, so we can plan properly”.

The DPW superintendent spoke with WATD after the meeting about the issue and said, “Other than the fact that they’ve had these articles for well over a month and not having a chance to review them is kind of surprising to me. Other than that, there’s a process on how you do this and you know, you give and take a little. You win some you lose some. That’s the process so, you can’t get too worked up over it”.

Town meeting is scheduled for April 22.


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