Weymouth: Southfield watch dog group calls out Mayor for debate

Advocates from Rockland, Abington, Weymouth and Hingham or ARAWH met at the Tufts library in Weymouth recently to hear a report about contamination at Southfield at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

The group also issued a challenge to Weymouth Mayor Sue Kay.

The meeting began with a report by the group’s Technical Consultant Steven Zember that showed that the Navy discovered contamination in Southfield’s aquifers near a section of the base called the SRA or Solvent Release Area and preventing the aquifers from being used for drinking water.

“They found chlorinated solvents, which were used basically for cleaning parts and repairing things. They still never found ‘the smoking gun’ if you will – the large source that’s caused the contamination. Nobody knows quite why it was there. It is there, but it’s contaminated the two aquifers, which would be the groundwater nearest the surface and also the bedrock aquifer,” the consultant explained.

ARAWH member Dominic Galluzzo then lashed out at the Weymouth town administration – especially singling out the three informational forums about Southfield, recently hosted by Weymouth Mayor Sue Kay, which he challenged to a debate.

“Those three meetings were a farce! In fact, I will make the challenge here and now – I would love to have WATD provide a point/counter point program, where any one of these people on this panel participates in divulging facts to the general public with anyone the Mayor chooses, or, the Mayor herself!”


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