Grow Strong: Momentum

After several consecutive workouts with Nancy I’m back to full-speed at the gym with no pain in my knee. It felt like a long road, I felt like I was derailed for a long time. I lost momentum and I got worried I may not get it back. NOT TRUE! I’m back with gusto and I’m so glad to be making the most of the hour I have with Nancy twice weekly and I’m so glad to really be pushing myself.

When I hurt my knee I stopped pushing for fear I’d have huge setbacks. My upper body certainly loved the additional attention but I was really missing the full-body workout I was accustomed to having with Nancy during our Personal Coaching sessions at Healthtrax in Hanover.

We’ve been spending a lot of time strengthening my core – we did 200 crunches on Friday! That’s a new record for me and I’m so proud of it! We use the stability ball for the crunches and I like that a lot.

On Friday I also discovered my new favorite exercise: kneeling tricep extensions. I look excited to do them in this picture! And you can find the video of this exercise on our YouTube page too.

Oh and this week is extra special too! Rob is joining our workout on Tuesday! I can’t wait to do some team exercises with him – it will be lots of fun. I had to promise him I wouldn’t make him shoot baskets…the last time we went to Healthtrax together I smoked him in a shoot-out contest! Wooohoo! He still gets grief over that from people, including me! Ha!

We’ll definitely be taking photos and videos of our session together. I can’t think of a way to make working out any more fun than doing it with a friend. :)

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