Hingham: Officials weigh proposal to secede from Plymouth County

Plymouth County Charter Commission member from Hingham, Car Harris, has proposed that Hingham secede from Plymouth County.

Harris presented his proposal before the Hingham Board of Selectmen Thursday night.

Several Plymouth County Commissioners were on hand to debate the proposed resolution.

Harris believes that Hingham receives very little benefit from being a member of Plymouth County government.

“It’s just very few benefits that we get from being a member of Plymouth County. We pay out a certain amount and we’re not getting that back in any real benefits. Other than the registry of deeds, there are few minor things that we get”, Harris said.

While Plymouth County Commission Chair Dan Pallotta agreed that county finances haven’t been great, he said this newly reorganized commission is working to straighten things out.

“Yeah, we’re dealing with some sins from the past that were created decades ago and most recently with the sheriff’s take over. All of those are being worked out now at the legislature. Unfortunately, the vehicle to which this has occurred has been a little sensational, with one negative member of the charter commission when he didn’t get his way, when the charter commission voted to not dissolve. We actually voted to go forward with the charter. So I think he’s trying to get his town to start what he couldn’t do in the charter commission. Hingham is a pretty well educated town and they’re going to come to the conclusion that Plymouth County is the way to go. They’re going to see the numbers and realize we’re not really continuing the problem – we’re solving the problem”. 

The board of selectmen is taking the issue under advisement.


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