Plymouth: Town rolls out fees for trash disposal options

Plymouth’s Pay As You Throw program begins July 1st at all transfer stations. Sign up for various collection choices begins at town hall on May 22nd, even though curbside pickup does not go into effect until next January 1st. The Board of Selectmen approved the plan Tuesday night.

Director of Public Works Jonathan Beder presented the Board with four different types of trash collection services that people can choose from and the fees associated with them:

“Service A, which is going to cost them $80.00– they can utilize the transfer stations until January 1st 2014, then they’ll switch to curbside. Service B, which will be service where they can utilize the transfer stations until January 1st. 2014 and then they continue to use the Manomet transfer station –that’s a cost of $50.00. We have a hybrid which allows full flexibility, which is service C at a cost of $130.00, which is both. Service D, which is $55.00 which is those residents out there that use a private hauler now, they can switch over to the town’s program at a cost of $55.00.”

The cost of curbside pickup negotiated with the hauler depends on how many people sign up:

“Our price with ABC was based on ten thousand people. We’re hoping to get at least ten thousand people this first year, so that price stays in effect. If we don’t get the ten thousand we have to pay for the ten thousand.”

Orange bags that must be used to dispose of trash at the transfer stations starting July 1st. will be available next month in many local stores.

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