Plymouth: Big turnout expected for Senate Race

For today’s special election, one that will determine the next Senator from the State of Massachusetts, Plymouth’s Town Clerk Lawrence Pizer expects a bigger turnout than the town election last month; that turnout totaled 11.8%. Some experts consider the amount of absentee ballots a good indicator of voter turnout, and Pizer says, at this point,  those requests show an increase from the town election in May: “We actually have had a fairly steady stream of absentee ballots, approaching 400—which is more than we had for the town election—so we’re thinking we’ll probably have a bigger turnout.” But, bigger turnout means what? “We think that we’re looking, maybe 25%–that sort of figure.” We asked if he was surprised at that? “No, I think that this is pretty important, and there are people who actually care about the election.  I would love to see a much higher turnout, but for a one-issue matter, unfortunately, not many people turn out as they should.”

And for those who do turn out, Pizer says the actual voting process will be quick: “I think that it’s going to be a very easy election to vote in—there is one issue to vote on.  You walk in, you get your ballot; one oval to fill in— you check out and you’re on your way home.” Polls are open today from 7AM to 8PM.


About Bobbi Clark

Bobbi Clark is a Plymouth area reporter at WATD. She began her career in radio as a producer at a news/talk radio station in Chicago. From there she went to WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned and operated television station in Chicago, As a producer there, she won 5 Emmy Awards for production of special programming. Bobbi is a graduate of Emerson College, with a degree in Writing, Publishing and Literature.