Plymouth: Paragon Outlet Malls, a nice dream but a pipe dream says resident

In Plymouth, more questions than answers at the ZBA hearing this week concerning the request for a special permit by Harald, LLC.  This—to remove thousands of yards of sand and gravel from their 38 acre site on Home Depot Drive.  Harald’s claim is they need to level the area for use by a potential client, Paragon Outlet Malls.

Plymouth resident Robert Reifeiss called the Paragon possibility a nice dream, but a pipe dream, noting there is nothing written or signed by them.

“What does Plymouth gain by allowing a sand and gravel operation if there’s no guarantee that—even though it’s zoned for highway commercial –that may not happen.  They could walk away—the economy could tank. It’s a sand and gravel operation that could remain as a big pit,” said Reifeiss

Indeed, when questioned after the meeting, about whether or not he had a signed agreement with Harald LLC, Robert Brvenik a managing partner of Paragon Outlet Malls, refused to comment.

Board members had questions that were not satisfactorily answered: where is the traffic study required by the memo of understanding with Selectman?  Where is the document that states the town manager will allow a license permitting a developer access to town owned property around Lout Pond well—this for the purpose of construction of a slope?

The petitioner claimed this license was given verbally. Where is the latest version of the MOU that the petitioner claimed was amended by Selectmen to clarify the location of the buffers?

The case was continued to August 7th so the petitioner could supply the documents in question.

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