Plymouth: Wind turbine hearing continued to August

In Plymouth, Stop and Shop officials will not know until August whether or not they will get the go-ahead from the Zoning Board of Appeals to construct a wind turbine behind their supermarket on Samoset Street, near exit 6 in Plymouth.

After a hearing that lasted about two and a half hours and included a parade of experts testifying on behalf of Stop and Shop, concerning the benefits of their proposed 275-foot wind turbine, the ZBA simply ran out of time.

David Peck is Vice Chair of the group:

“The applicant, Stop and Shop, with several experts, made a series of presentations about the energy-saving value and commitment to LEED and green energy, included sound experts, wind turbine expert, a physician talking about public health, and the president of the environmental league…”

Due to time limitations, the opponents, primarily representing the nearby Algonquin Heights apartment complex, only had time to begin their presentation—and that was with a property value specialist, whose studies show that property values decline—across the board—in direct relation to proximity to wind turbines.

There’s more to come on behalf of Algonquin Heights, Peck says:

“But they still have in the pipe line an acoustical and other specialists.”

And those specialists will likely be present when the matter will be taken up again on August 21st. .

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