Scituate: Gomez runs for senate seat – literally

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In his run against Democratic congressman Ed Markey for the senate seat vacated by now Secretary of State John Kerry, Thursday afternoon Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez ran – physically ran – from Scituate to Cohasett.

At the starting line in front of the Scituate VFW post, Gomez supporters held signs for passing traffic and cheered their candidate. Businessman and former Navy Seal, Gomez personally greeted the supporters present, many of them military veterans.

Gomez spoke briefly with reporters, largely repeating his prepared comments. He said he counts on veterans to come out in large numbers for him election day, June 25. Asked to respond to the polls that show him significantly behind Markey, he said he would wait for the poll of election day.

Gabriel Gomez meets supporters during his run from Scituate to Cohasett


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