Middleboro: AG slaps Gas & Electric Commissioners on the wrist for violating the Open Meeting Law

It took over a year, but this week the Attorney General found the Middleboro Gas & Electric Commissioners broke the law and ordered them to attended a training session on the Open Meeting Law.

Although it amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist, Selectman Allin Frawley, who filed one of the complaints, said just admitting they were wrong was a step in the right direction.

Frawley questioned secret negotiations with former general manager John Granahan, who resigned under a cloud of controversy and a severance package worth more than $200,000.

While admitting wrongdoing might have saved the board some of grief, Commissioner Thomas Murphy said it cost over $100,000 in legal bills and he’s ready to file a counter complaint, alleging collusion between Frawley and former commissioner Michael Solimini.

The commission was in turmoil for over a year after Solimini started blowing the whistle on their secret meetings, and Frawley says it’s ironic the only person on the board who did the right thing lost his seat in the April election.

Murphy said he’s ready to take a training session and will be more careful when the board meets behind closed doors.

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About Alice Elwell

Alice Elwell is a freelance reporter who lives on the South Shore. She joined the WATD team to widen our coverage to include Middleboro. She can be reached at acelwell2@gmail.com.