Middleboro: Fines issued for illegal tobacco sales

Illegal sales of tobacco to minors are on the upswing, and Middleboro officials are trying to put a stop to it with fines and suspensions.

Of the 31 stores permitted to sell tobacco in Middleboro,  Health Officer Jeanne Spalding said 5 were nabbed selling to minors.

Sunoco, Middleboro Shell, Capeway Convenience Store, Cumberland Farms on East Grove Street and Super Petroleum on West Grove Street were all called on the carpet for selling tobacco to minors at Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

The stores were fined $100 and their tobacco license will be suspended for 5-days beginning on Thursday.

Cumberland Farms was hit with an additional 2-day suspension for failing to appear at the hearing on Monday.

Sunoco was caught selling a 73-cent cigar to a minor, and Shell racked up their $100 fine for selling a 53-cent cigarillo to a minor.

Selectman Allin Frawley told Spalding to haul them back before the board if they don’t abide with the penalty.

Shell’s license to sell food will also be suspended for 5-days because a freezer malfunctioned and the food was not immediately thrown away.

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About Alice Elwell

Alice Elwell is a freelance reporter who lives on the South Shore. She joined the WATD team to widen our coverage to include Middleboro. She can be reached at acelwell2@gmail.com.