Plymouth: No parking solution for White Horse Beach

The White Horse Beach section of Plymouth’s Manomet Village has a trifecta of parking problems.

The sands–the beach side section–has a proliferation of expensive beach houses with few parking spaces. With Plymouth Beach access restricted for most of the summer, beach-goers rush to White Horse as if they have a sure bet on beach access. The highlands, the side streets on the other side of Taylor Avenue, has a proliferation of resident-imposed parking restrictions as a hedge against the sands residents and the beach invaders. The Manomet Village Steering Committee heard the latest proposals on solving the parking problem Thursday night. They all sounded like a gamble.

A parking study committee presented a range of solutions, including angled parking along Taylor Avenue and increased enforcement of parking laws. Steering committee member Randy Parker suggested allowing off-road vehicles on the beach. Steering committee chairman Linda Evans asked for a show of hands in support of the various proposals. Increased enforcement of parking laws was the only one the overflow audience preferred.

“People don’t like change,” Evans said after the meeting.

The steering committee will meet again in August and present its recommendations to the planning board and selectmen.


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Charles Mathewson is a reporter at WATD.