Brockton: Local businessman & political activist linked to illegal dumping

Dumpster behind St. Edith's Stein Parish in Brockton where illegal dumping occurred

Dumpster behind St. Edith’s Stein Parish in Brockton where illegal dumping occurred

A company owned by a Brockton businessman and an outspoken critic of a proposed power plant project is linked to an issue with illegal dumping in the city. Executive Health officer Lou Tartaglia says the Board of Health was contacted by the St. Edith Stein church on East Main to investigate trash in their dumpster that belonged to another Brockton business.

“We went up there, took some pictures and we found out from the custodian that all this illegal dumping came from Cindy’s Kitchen,” Tartaglia said.

Cindy’s Kitchen, which is located on the city’s south side is owned by Ed Byers. He has also led and financed the fight against a proposed gas-fired power plant that he says would be an environmental hazard for Brockton.

When contacted by WATD about the issue, he stated that he had given the 55 gallon drums to the city’s Highway and Parks Departments. Later in an email, he denied that any of the trash belonged to him or his company.

According to Tartaglia, there’s not much his department can do about the situation.

“Anytime somebody mentions a dumpster, automatically they call the Board of Health, “Tartaglia explained. “This is my opinion, it’s something both parties should be working out and not get the Board of Health involved. I mean this is basically a civil matter.”

This is the third time over the past few months that someone has dumped similar materials at that location. It’s not known at this time what course of action the church will take to remedy the situation.

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