Middleboro: Selectman calls for ban on stores selling designer drug

A Middleboro selectmen is calling on residents to boycott any stores in his town that are selling a designer drug that is disguised as a potpourri.

Allin Frawley found the drug selling in gas stations and convenience stores scattered throughout Middleboro and he’s calling for local ban because it’s targeting children.

Frawley said kids are smoking it and there are serious health risks including kidney shutdown, heart failure and erratic and psychotic behavior.

It is sold as an incense or potpourri, under a variety of names including Scooby Snaks, WTF, AK 47, and Dead Man Walking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says when ingested the drug, which is a synthetic cannabinoid, can cause kidney shutdown and a host of other serous side effects including erratic and psychotic behavior.

Frawley said it is poison and Middleboro is facing a health emergency.

Selectman Leilani Dalpe said the labeling is deceptive and kids might think it is candy, “The faster we can get it out of this town, the better.”

Frawley is asking residents to share in the boycott until a local bylaw is in place to ban the drug.

Selectmen agreed to hold a hearing to consider the ban on September 30.


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About Alice Elwell

Alice Elwell is a freelance reporter who lives on the South Shore. She joined the WATD team to widen our coverage to include Middleboro. She can be reached at acelwell2@gmail.com.