Norwell: Officials render decision in Simon Hill 40 B Affordable Housing proposal

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The Norwell Zoning Board of Appeals met Wednesday night and voted to approve a comprehensive permit for the long-running and contentious Simon Hill 40 B affordable housing proposal, featuring 126 apartment rental units of off Prospect Street.

The building height has been a long standing issue with neighbors and ZBA Chairman Lois Barbour said the highest finished building height is set at about 41 feet – 7 feet over the town’s 34 foot height restriction.

“We basically restricted the project to 36 feet above the grade that would include the fill that they’re proposing on the project. The elevations vary, but that would be approximately 41 feet above existing grade,” Barbour said.

Conditions also stipulate the use of fencing and trees as buffers for abutting properties.

A final written decision is due to be submitted by October 23.




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