Political Analyst: Look at Obama’s history with debt limit votes

WATD’s political analyst and statistician John Creed has been checking in on the partial government shutdown.

“President, the Congress, and the Democrats are pushing to extend the debt limit, which runs out this Thursday. And the President has said if we don’t do this then the faith and credit of the USA will go down the tank, if you will,” said Creed.

Creed says there’s some history here that people may not be aware of:

“When President George W. Bush was president in 2005, the government raised the debt to 7 trillion, and when Obama was a Senator then, he voted no,” said Creed

So, is this politics? Well, Creed says the reason Obama gave was that the debt was too high and we needed to cut spending. The debt in 2013 is currently $16.5 trillion.

Creed says he’s been trying to point this out to some elected officials, without much acknowledgement, saying that he has contatcted the office of Congressmen Bill Keating and both Massachusetts Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren and stating “…none of them have gotten back to me”.

John Creed is a regular contributor to WATD political coverage and analysis.

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