Brockton: City elects new mayor, city councilors & school committee members

Residents in Brockton went to the polls on Tuesday to change city government, picking new city council members and electing a new mayor.  Here’s WATD’s Kevin Tocci with the details (Play link below to hear the story.)


City of Brockton Election results

**  depicts winner of race



Linda Balzotti               6980

Bill Carpenter               7035**


Councilor at Large

Jass Stewart                7012**

Robert Sullivan         7859**

Shaynah Barnes        3834**

Paul Beckner              3431

James Daley               2856

Anthony Donegan   2557

Craig Pina                    3344

Moises Rodrigues    4609**


Ward 1 Councilor

Tim Cruise                 1186**

Thomas Sedell         1132


Ward 2 Councilor

Tom Monahan          886**


Ward 3 Councilor

Dennis Eaniri         1662**


Ward 4 Councilor

Paul Studenski       1355**


Ward 5 Councilor

Dennis DeNapoli   1006**

Ollie Spears               990


Ward 6 Councilor

Michelle Dubois    1061**

Ann Fitzgerald         653


Ward 7 Councilor

Shirley Asack          932**

Tim Sullivan            744


Ward 1 School Committee

Tom Minichiello    1771**


Ward 2 School Committee

Andrew Robinson  700**

Krystel Love             345


Ward 3 School Committee

Allisha Clark             950**

Mark D’Agostino     921


Ward 4 School Committee

Patty Joyce              1345**


Ward 5 School Committee

Gwendolyn Nauls   734

Judy Sullivan          1092**


Ward 6 School Committee

Michael Healy        1389**


Ward 7 School Committee

Ray Henningson   1220**











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About Kevin Tocci

Kevin Tocci is a Brockton area reporter, news anchor and host of Monday Night Talk which airs on Monday nights at 6:15 p.m. on 95.9FM WATD.