Hingham: Officials compromise on increases for liquor license fees

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Hingham Selectmen met Thursday night and voted to increase liquor license fees for bars and restaurants.

Selectmen originally sent restaurant owners just a five week notice that their liquor license fees were going to increase $2,000.00 – double what they’re paying now.

However, after a backlash by the restaurants, selectmen voted 2 to 1 to implement a sliding scale.

Selectmen Chair Bruce Rabuffo disclosed the fee structure.

 “The increase for restaurants with under 100 seats is $250.00, seats between 100 and 175, of which there are seven restaurants, the increase is $500.00 and for all those over 175 seats, for which there are 10, the increase is $1,000.00.”

Selectman Rabuffo was the only selectman to vote against the measure and says he’s opposed to any liquor license fees increases at this time.

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