Middleboro: Selectmen endorse marijuana dispensary

This week kicks off the state’s final phase of the review process before issuing 35 licenses to operate a marijuana dispensary.  Last night Middleboro selectmen jumped on board with a vote to endorse a dispensary in town. Chairman Stephen McKinnon has been the most vocal opponent to Timothy Shaw’s proposal to sell medical marijuana in Middleboro. But on Monday McKinnon did an about face after explaining his former stance was due to his own addictions. McKinnon said it was widower Hal Brown’s loss of his wife Betty to cancer, and the benefits she could have gained from marijuana that made him reconsider his position. Despite hearing about the medical benefits of marijuana, resident Megan MacDonald remains firm in her opposition and said, “There is no way in Hades that I will condone any use of any kind of drug substance in this town.” Timothy Shaw, of the Green Harvest Wellness group, hopes to grow pot in Holbrook and sell it in Middleboro. Shaw is among the 158 applicants vying for one of the 35 licenses the state will issue.  On Thursday applicants will submit final applications that will include the location where they hope to open a marijuana dispensary.  The state is expected to issue licenses by the end of the year.


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About Alice Elwell

Alice Elwell is a freelance reporter who lives on the South Shore. She joined the WATD team to widen our coverage to include Middleboro. She can be reached at acelwell2@gmail.com.