Abington: Road safety audit postponed for later date

The Road Safety Audit for the Abington intersection at Hancock and Chestnut Street has been postponed to a tentative date of early January.

Abington Town Manager Rick LaFond said one of the key pieces of the process is the site inspection. “Even though you’re familiar with the site, it is interesting to see it from the eyes of outsiders,” he said.

LaFond added that there is no specific date yet scheduled. “We’re hoping in January to at least get that part done,” he said.

LaFond talked about some of the most important problems of the intersection, in his opinion. He said the site lines from Chestnut Street onto Hancock Street are very challenging. Signalization is also an issue. He said there is a flashing red light on Chestnut and a flashing yellow on Hancock. “I’ve been familiar with that [intersection] for probably thirty plus years myself, and I don’t think the signalization has changed in that period of time,” he said.

The final problem LaFond pointed out is speeding. “Speeding is always an issue,” he said.

LaFond went to the recent audit for the North Quincy and Chestnut Street intersection on the Abington/Brockton line. He talked about how that process went. He said they began by watching a video of the intersection, and talked about some of the known issues and potential possibilities. Then they went to the site to observe. “For me, the most intriguing part was physically watching the video as an observer, not as a driver,” he said.

LaFond received the final RSA report from that audit, yesterday.

One of the recommendations is to make Boundary Street in Brockton a one-way street. LaFond thinks this would help to solve confusion at the intersection.

Adding signalization or a roundabout was also a recommended solution. But as LaFond said, these options are expensive and would take an approximate three to five year time-span to complete. “That’s the issue, of time and money,” he said, “That’s always the issue, who is going to pay.”



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