Norwell: Zoning board decides special permit not needed for pet center

The Norwell Zoning Board of Appeals continued their hearing Wednesday night, regarding the contentious issue of a special permit application for a pet care business to operate overnight hours and that has neighbors up in arms.

The ZBA voted not to grant the special permit to operate overnight hours for the Fox and Hounds doggie day care at 12 Grove Street, because they said the business doesn’t even need a special permit to do so.

The contentious issue showed the strain on board member David Lee Turner, who tried to prevent WATD reporter John Penny from moving the microphone to gather sound for the story.

“Sit down and don’t interrupt this meeting. If you want to put it (the microphone) over there, then put it over there. Don’t move it around and don’t interrupt a speaker when we’re in the process of debating and issue. That is very disruptive. Now if you want it there, it shall stay there,” Turner said.

Penny explained the microphone needed to be near the speakers to pick up the sound.

Turner later apologized.

A group of neighbors have been complaining about barking noises are also appealing the Fox and Hound’s original permit.

Abutter Mona Caruso, a Grove Street resident for the past 32 years, has been an outspoken opponent of the pet care center and said, “Even if you let the dogs out 12 at a time like they were proposing, that’s dogs all day long, for the people that live there. I think that after 32 years here, we deserve some consideration.”

Another abutter told the ZBA he can’t use his backyard in peace anymore, due to the barking dogs.

“As Miss Caruso said, 12 dogs, 5, 6 or 7 days week, outside barking – so now I’m not able to enjoy my back yard either!”

The hearing is continued until February 12.


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