Brockton: City to hold an abatement workshop

Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter and City Councilor Tom Monahan are teaming up with the Assessor’s Office to hold a public workshop on the abatement process. City residents can learn how house values are determined, what to do if they feel the value is wrong, plus when and how to file an abatement. According to the mayor’s Director of Communications Noube Rateau, there will also be a few real estate experts in attendance.

“The nice thing about it is that we have three people who are in the real estate market that can give and outside view of what’s going on,” explained Rateau. “That would be Bernie Hassan, Steve Torrey and Mark Donahue.”

Councilor Tom Monahan says he hopes residents that may have questions about the process will take advantage of the event.

“Take advantage of it if you have an issue or you thing your home isn’t worth as much or more,” Monahan said. “If you have and issue and you don’t think it’s not right, come take advantage of it and we’ll have the city assessor there, the forms will be there and we’ll all be there to help you.”

Anyone looking to file an abatement will have until February 1st. The public workshop is scheduled for 5:30pm on Tuesday, January 28th at the Brockton Public Library.

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