Carver: CPC approves three project proposals for town meeting

The Carver Community Preservation Committee (CPC) has approved three project proposals to go to Town Meeting.

One of the requests was a community garden request from Crystal Lake Community Garden Committee for $14,000.

CPC Chair Robert Bentley said the Garden Committee  is looking to set up about 30 raised bed gardens for individual households in the community.

Bentley said the Committee indicated to them about a month ago  that they were planning to let members outside of the Crystal Lake Community participate. “It wasn’t clear enough to us exactly how they were going to do it,” Bentley said, “So we’re just asking for more clarification on that.”

The CPC unanimously approved the funding, contingent upon the Committee coming up with a mutually acceptable policy for designating lots.

The CPC also approved a request from the Town Clerk for $71,067 for the preservation of historical records dating back as far as 1790 when the town first became incorporated.

“In order to preserve them correctly, you have to actually put them on acid-free paper, you have to go through a special process, and clean it all before it gets put away,” Bentley said. “It is pretty pricey, but in the end, it’s going to have our records saved into perpetuity.”

Bentley added that the Town Clerk was mandated to do this anyway, so he’s glad to be able to use CPC funds for it, as opposed to money from the general fund.

The final request was for $54,146 for a Center Carver Playground Upgrade. Bentley said the playground is in good condition, but has been deteriorating over the years and needs an upgrade.

“This playground…has been used for the past 13 years by so many people, and so many people even from out of town that come in,” Bentley said, “We think it’s going to be very, very heavily used.”

Bentley added that the Municipal Playground Committee has suggested adding a water feature to the playground. “[It] will basically entail putting in a water structure where kids will have to go and hit a button and it will just spray water out on them,” Bentley said, “It looks like it would be something that kids would really enjoy.”

All of the funding for the projects is available through CPC funds. The proposals will have to go to Town Meeting sometime in the spring for a vote.

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About Samantha Tracey

Samantha Tracey graduated from Salem State University in 2013 with a degree in Journalism. She has been reporting on local issues in a variety of towns: Bridgewater, Abington, Carver, Weymouth, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Halifax, etc. She says growing up on the South Shore has made it interesting now to be covering news in such familiar places.