Southfield: Starwood’s silence: getting the conversation going again

Rockland Board of Selectmen Chair Edward Kimball has come up with his own draft of legislation for the Southfield project in hopes to “get things going again.”

Starwood Land Ventures, the developer of Southfield, has refused to meet with the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation (SSTTDC) to work out solutions to current problems stalling the project.

With the project at a standstill, Kimball feels his ideas may move things forward. “If the developer could come up with a proposal, than why couldn’t one of the town’s come up with a proposal,” he said.

After about 13 hours of work, Kimball compiled a draft that includes things such as: dissolving the existence of the SSTTDC as a public corporation, and each individual town providing services within their boundaries.

“For example, my town Rockland, we have the capacity and capability to provide water and sewer,” Kimball said, “Although their may be some improvements done, we still have the ability to do that within our boundaries.”

Kevin Donovan, Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Directors, said they have reached out to Starwood to try to meet several times since the Board’s last meeting on December 16th.

“I have heard nothing from Starwood,” Donovan said, “I sent them an email, we tried to sit down and talk to them and they were adamant they didn’t want to discuss the solutions we had put forward. We sent them another email saying we are ready, willing and able to sit down and talk to them, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing.”

Donovan referred to the 13 solutions the Board came up with and brought to Starwood’s attention at the December 16th meeting.

Donovan also addressed the Disposition and Development Agreement violation Starwood was notified of. “They have 30 days in which to cure that default,” he said, “We’re still within that 30-day period. I’m hopeful that reasonable people sitting around a table can come up with a reasonable solution.”

Donovan added that the only thing he has received from Starwood was a letter from their attorney saying they wanted the letter of violation retracted.

“It’s my hope that they will reconsider their stance, come to the table, and see if we can all work this out,” Donovan said.”

Kimball plans to discuss his legislation and ideas with his fellow selectmen at their next meeting, and the Tri-Town Board of Directors will review and prepare comments for their next meeting.

“I’ve been a proponent of the project all along and I’d like to see the project move forward,” Kimball said, “If just by me inducing a draft out there gets people talking than I’ve succeeded, and then hopefully we can [bring] people back together and get the project moving.”
















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About Samantha Tracey

Samantha Tracey graduated from Salem State University in 2013 with a degree in Journalism. She has been reporting on local issues in a variety of towns: Bridgewater, Abington, Carver, Weymouth, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Halifax, etc. She says growing up on the South Shore has made it interesting now to be covering news in such familiar places.