Abington: New school project moving forward to final phase

Abington School Building Committee will be moving forward to Phase 3 of the New Grades 5-12 Co-Located Middle/High School project.

The MSBA asked the Committee to refine their plans from Phase 2 and get re-approval from the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee, which they did.

Committee Chair Richard Testa talked about the specific changes that were made.

“[We were] focusing primarily on the separation of students,” Testa said, “Really all of the major core facilities and how those would be segregated so that the students wouldn’t intermingle.”

One of the core facilities is the cafeteria, which would share a kitchen, but serve the Middle School students on one side and the High School students on the other. The Committee also refined separate entrances for each more clearly.

Testa added that they will be meeting with the MSBA again in March, and will get official approval to move to the final phase of the project.

“You’d really get down to very minute details at that point,” he said, “The size of the classrooms, the layout of classrooms, really getting into kind of ‘in the weeds’ design type activities. Also a very big component of Phase 3 is going out into the community and getting a significant amount of community input.”

The Committee plans to bring the preliminary design plans out to the community in about a month or so.

With the completion of Phase 3, the project would eventually go to vote at Town Meeting in the Fall. If approved there, it would go to a ballot vote and then construction would begin sometime in 2015 upon approval.

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