Bristol County: DA Sutter not fazed by judge’s denial to use Hernandez jailhouse calls

Something said during Aaron Hernandez’s jailhouse phone calls intrigues Bristol County DA Sam Sutter…

“We think that these phone calls have relevant information to the trial and I think, eventually, they will be used at the trial,” Sutter said during an exclusive interview with WATD.

But his team had to ask the judge to use them in the murder trial of the former Patriots star, and Judge Susan Garsh said no, at least for now.

“The judge didn’t say ‘denied with prejudice,’ the judge said ‘denied without prejudice,’ which simply means that we get to come back and battle on this issue another day,” Sutter said. “I think ultimately we will prevail on this issue.”

But Judge Garsh had harsh words for the prosecution, asking why the phone calls hadn’t been shared with the defense team when they had them for more than two weeks.

“I thought that that was a lot of sound and fury not signifying very much.”

He says the calls are being turned over to the defense.

Garsh told prosecutors to provide more information about the phone calls – why they want them, and how they got them. Sutter wouldn’t give details on that when WATD’s Steve Burns asked him:

“Can you say how you obtained those phone calls to begin with?” Burns asked.

“We regularly obtain phone calls on many cases and those phone calls have been of great assistance to us,” Sutter said.

But the prosecution did pull out a win, when the judge ruled they don’t have to specify whether they’re charging Hernandez as the shooter, or just as someone involved.

“We simply have to show that he acted in concert with others and that the result of that was that Odin Lloyd was murdered,” Sutter said.

No date has been set yet for Hernandez’s trial.

Hear Steve’s full interview with District Attorney Sutter:

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