East Bridgewater: Potential new schedule gives students more opportunities

East Bridgewater is looking to implement a new Middle/Senior High School schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.

High School Principal Paul Vieira said the proposed schedule would be a split rotating 7-day schedule. In addition, students would attend six 56-minute long classes a day. They currently take five 68-minute classes a day.

Superintendent of Schools John Moretti said High School Scheduling is a very complex issue. ”It’s even more complex when you’re combining Junior High School and High School,” he said.

Vieira and others held initial meetings in November. In December, he said the committee conducted site visits to schools in West Bridgewater, Cohasset, Mashpee, and Carver.

According to Vieira, observations from the site visits included more electives in grades seven and eight, health and foreign language in grades seven and eight, band and chorus as classes, and dual enrollment and work study options.

Vieira said the new schedule aimed at four main objectives:  having the same schedule for grades 7-12, providing more electives, classes, and opportunities, and resolving music and Special Education schedule conflicts in grades seven and eight.

Moretti said the next step is to come up with some kind of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Teachers Association.

“Now it’s a matter of me meeting with the Association, finding out what their concerns are, and what do we do to go forward,” Moretti said, “We have to negotiate working conditions, not the schedule itself, but how does it impact working conditions.”

Some benefits of the schedule include dual enrollment and work study opportunities in grades 11 and 12, class size reduction in grades 7 and 8, and more options for students overall.





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