Hanson: Pay as you throw program approved

Hanson Board of Selectmen has approved a Pay As You Throw Program for the town.

Town Administrator Ron San Angelo talked about the reasons for implementing this program. “It’s good for the environment,” he said, “It reduces our solid waste stream which will overall be cheaper to taxpayers over the long run…Plus it’s going to actually help us with some budget issues.”

San Angelo added that the solid waste stream is anticipated to have a 30% reduction with this program.

This program was unanimously approved at the Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday night. They felt the program would help the town gain revenue.

“The price of tipping fees is almost doubled in the future,” San Angelo said, “Everything is going up, so we need this to be able to help pay for those additional new costs.”

San Angelo said the tipping fees will be increasing from $34.50 per ton to between $55-$60 per ton.

The town agreed to a contract with a company called WasteZero.  There is a $200,000 Vendor Guarantee in the contract for the first year. That money will help the town significantly with budgeting for FY15, and keep them from having to lay off employees.

The program allows residents to buy bags for their solid waste. Large bags hold 30 gallons and will cost $2.00, while the small bags hold 15 gallons and will cost $1.25. Bags will be sold in stores around town, and recycling is free.

In the contract, $1.70 of a large bag sale would go to the town of Hanson, while 30 cents would go to Waste Zero.

San Angelo added that all of the town revenue from bag sales will go into a separate enterprise fund that would be dedicated solely to fixing the transfer station. It would be up to Town Meeting to decide how that money is spent.

San Angelo acknowledged that the station needs new fencing, security, new signage, etc.

San Angelo talked about the potential for curbside pick-up in the future. “We’re not ready to implement any kind of curbside program,” he said, “We’re not sure that our residents would want it. Some people really love our transfer station…Plus curbside collection is a fixed cost for every resident the same amount, so if you only have one or two bags to dispose of, you don’t want to pay the entire cost for curbside collection.”

San Angelo hopes the program will begin on July 1st of this year.

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