Norwell: Officials deny neighbors appeal of doggie day care permit

The Norwell Zoning Board heard the neighbor’s appeal of a controversial building permit for the A Fox and Hound Pet Care Center at 12 Grove Street, which they claim is disrupting the enjoyment of their neighborhood.

The zoning board handed down a decision that the building permit is legitimate in the case of the doggie day care center turned kennel, now operating overnight accommodations for their canine clientele.

The A Fox and Hound lets dogs out to defecate and a waste removal company comes to haul it away.

But the board was wading knee deep in the doggie doo issue, as abutter Ramona Caruso complained about the way the stuff was described by the establishment’s attorney.

“The attorney is fixated on animal manure and the definition of animal manure. But if you notice that right before that, (deposition) it refers to waste or animal manure, ok? He gave his definition of what animal manure was, but I would like to give my definition of what waste is and that’s excrement, the undigested remainder of food expelled from the body is excrement. You can say you can pick up the solids, ok, but we all know that it’s not all solid and that it’s getting pumped in the ground with a hose. So when he focuses on animal manure, its waste we’re talking here. It’s not animal manure, its waste!”

While the board said they sympathize with abutters, board member Thomas Harrison says they must also apply the zoning by-law as it pertains in this case.

“This business is in a business district. You’re in a residential district. Unfortunately you abut a business district and we have to try to protect your rights, while also trying to protect the rights of a business owner in the business district, as we determine those rights based on our interpretation of the zoning by-law,” Harrison said.


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