Hull: Officials discuss Transient Rental zoning proposal

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The Hull Board of Selectmen held a public hearing Tuesday night, to go over a draft zoning by-law proposal that regulates transient rental properties in the seaside community.

The proposal would apply to rentals of seven days or more and requires property owners to obtain a certificate of occupancy from the board of health, which could be suspended or revoked for a list of violations.

The by-law also calls for property owners to designate themselves or a local contact person to respond in person within two hours, if things get out of hand at their property.

The owners must also provide abutters with their contact information.

Hull Town Council Jim Lampke said, “The owner of the property shall also promptly provide immediate abutters and abutters to immediate abutters, the owner’s and local contact person’s name, address and telephone number and promptly update such information, if changed.”

“Some people expressed a legitimate concern about how they are supposed to know who to be contacted. We could expand it out some 300 feet and 5 streets away and everything, but we thought that was a little too far. But certainly the immediate abutter and the abutters immediate to that person seem to be within a reasonable range.”

The planning board meets tonight to continue their discussion of the proposal.

Audio of the selectmen’s meeting was provided by Hull Community TV.



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