Carver: New historical commission member ancestor to the Savery family

Carver resident Savery Moore, an ancestor of the historical Savery family in town, is the newest member of the Historical Commission.

Moore was appointed at the Board of Selectmen meeting Tuesday night. He said he just recently retired and now has the time to invest in this role. He explained his connection to the Savery family.

“William Savery was one of the town developers back in the middle of the 1800′s,” Moore said, “He donated Savery Avenue to the town of Carver…he was one of the three people who built Union Church here in Carver, and he built a large mansion right on Sampsons Pond.”

Moore added that his great, great aunt, Ethel Savery, was William’s granddaughter.

Moore said he first came to visit Carver with his family in May of 1956. He visited every year since, and now permanently lives in the house his aunt lived in from 1929-1962.

Moore added that he wanted to join the Commission to learn more about the areas in Carver.

“I attended one of the Commission meetings in February and was surprised to learn that there was an area of Carver called Popes Point that used to be its own village,” Moore said, “It’s things like that, learning different things like that that I’m interested in.”

Moore recognized that the people on the Commission now have a strong desire “to protect whatever can be protected.” He added that he will do whatever he can to try and help the Commission.

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Samantha Tracey graduated from Salem State University in 2013 with a degree in Journalism. She has been reporting on local issues in a variety of towns: Bridgewater, Abington, Carver, Weymouth, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Halifax, etc. She says growing up on the South Shore has made it interesting now to be covering news in such familiar places.