Carver: Rt.58 project moving forward in preliminary stages

The Carver Rt.58 Improvement Project has been approved for all necessary environmental permits to move forward.

The Conservation Commission approved any necessary requested variances and the project itself at their meeting Wednesday night.

The variance request was for work that will be done in 65 feet of wetland resource areas.

Gene Crouch, the Senior Environmental Scientist for VHB, the engineering company that designed the project, said they will be improving the storm water management.

“Rather than water being collected in catch basins or just discharged off the side of the road directly, it’s going into catch basins that are designed a little bit differently,” Crouch said.

Crouch added these “different” basins are built with a 4-foot sump in them so that there is more opportunity for materials to settle before they leave the catch basins.

“The water quality of the project overall will be better as it leaves the roadways and enters the adjacent natural areas,” Crouch said.

Crouch added that the DPW will be looking at the existing basins to see which ones need to be replaced during the project with these “deep sump catch basins.”

Several abutters expressed specific concerns at a meeting held for the abutters earlier this month. They had verbally requested that someone conduct site visits to determine specific impacts to their land by the project.

The project plans to rehabilitate 2.3 miles of the road, from the Purchase Street intersection to South Meadow Road.

Ross Morrow, an engineer with VHB, says he will be conducting site visits next week.

“I received a list of about 10 abutters from the town who are interested in meeting in the field and I’ll be contacting them tomorrow and Friday to try and schedule visits the following week,” Morrow said.

Morrow added  that if possible, a town representative would accompany him on the site visits.

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