Carver: Selectmen to consider adopting a code of conduct

Three of the Carver Selectmen: Helen Marrone, Dick Ward, and Jack Franey, will be recommending a draft code of conduct to the full board at their next meeting.

The draft is modeled off of a code of conduct from Sudbury that the Selectmen were given at their meeting with facilitator Jeff Nutting at a meeting earlier this month.

Marrone, Ward, and Franey went through the document Thursday night and made several changes to it to come up with their own draft.

Marrone suggested an important addition to the document that would require Selectmen to refrain from speaking negatively about one another, both verbally and in writing.

“The importance of adding it into it is because we’re role models for the community,” Marrone said, “We’re a trickle down, so if we’re fair and respectful to our fellow Selectmen, God willing it will trickle down.”

Franey said he thought Marrone hit it “right on the head” with her suggestion.

Alan Dunham, one of the three candidates running for Selectmen in April, said he is excited to see that they have reached a “good agreement” on a code of conduct.

“That is essential to be able to get the board to work as a team,” Dunham said.

Dunham also pointed out another important piece of the code of conduct that says a Selectmen should not come into a meeting with a preconceived notion of how he or she is going to vote on a particular subject.

“You come in, you listen to both sides of the discussion, you don’t take anything personal, you’re dealing with what that topic is, and then once you reach a decision, you move on,” Dunham said.

Franey made the only other suggested change to the document, which involved altering an existing statement. He wanted to ensure that all Selectmen be notified about any information and materials related to the town.

Marrone, Ward, and Franey will present this code of conduct draft to the full board to potentially adopt it.

“I’m just hoping that we have a positive new board going forward and that the town will have a different face on it in the next couple years,” Marrone said.

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