Weymouth: Aquifer owner says Mayor Kay rejected offer to purchase clean water supply

Advocates for Rockland, Abington, Weymouth and Hingham met Thursday night to hear from the owner of an aquifer who said his proposal to provide badly needed, safe drinking water to Weymouth and the Southfield Development was rejected by Mayor Sue Kay.

Land owner William Crispin said there’s an underground aquifer sitting under 50 acres of his land off Route 3 near the intersection of Union Street in Braintree, which could possibly supply 500 thousand gallons of clean, safe, tested water a day to Weymouth and help meet increased demand at Southfield.

Crispin said he met with Weymouth Mayor Sue Kay and the Tri-Town Development Corporation two years ago, about providing the town with water. However, he said Mayor Kay rejected that proposal, telling him that the town didn’t need the water and Tri-Town basically said don’t call us, we’ll call you and never did.

“The offer was made to them to either purchase the land outright, which I think would be a huge savings for the rate payers, or purchase the water per gallon. The response was that Mayor Kay informed us that she had enough and didn’t need any additional water. Tri-town told us told us that they would get in touch with us, but we were not to contact them again,” Crispin explained.

Crispin said he doesn’t understand why the town outright rejected his offer.

“I couldn’t quite frankly understand it. If you look at the economics of it, my water would be far less expensive than M.W.R.A. water would be and there is this question that’s lurking and is out there, whether Weymouth has any water at this point to meet its current needs, not to mention its future needs!”


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