Plymouth County: Mosquito Control Project prepares for season

Do you have to get bitten to think about mosquitos—or ways to get rid of them? Most people do, but Plymouth County Mosquito Control is a group that plans ahead.

Dan Daly is the community contact for the mosquito control project. He says the group is out well before the mosquito season begins doing what is called ditching:

“Ditching is actually cleaning out streams, cleaning out the ditches, allowing the water to flow. Anytime water is flowing, mosquitoscan’t breed in that environment.”

They’re also at work setting traps:

“We have mosquito traps and sample populations, also traps to test mosquitoes for West Nile Virus and to test for Triple E—that becomes a little more important as the summer goes along.”

The areas that are sprayed are triggered by the calls they get:

“When we go out to spray it’s based on people calling us and making requests, telling us all kinds of stories—I can’t leave my house at night—I’m being eaten alive—but we also spray, later in the summer if virus is found.”

There is no charge for spraying if you live in Plymouth County because your community has already paid for it. The number to call is: 781-585-5450.

If an entire neighborhood would like spraying, it’s best to fax the request to: 781-582-1276. Or, for more information, go to:

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