Carver: New elementary school project moving forward

Carver Elementary School Building Committee, working with the MSBA will be conducting a feasibility study of three potential sites for a new Elementary School.

Superintendent Liz Sorrel said there are two sites on the 125 acres at the Middle High School and one 7-acre site on the 23.5 acres of the existing Elementary Schools.”They’re exploring to see if it might fit there,” she said.

This is not the town’s first experience with the MSBA or an Elementary School project. Back in 2007, a feasibility study and schematic design process was started.

The final option that was placed before the voters at the ballot and failed, referred to as “B3,” will also be considered in this current process. It is a renovation option of the two existing Elementary Schools.

“It is a renovation of both Elementary buildings with new construction in between,” Sorrell said.

Sorrell said anything they do in the current study that’s “new and different” than what they did for B3 will be reimbursed by the MSBA.

But the MSBA has changed the number of classrooms per grade for the project from seven to six.

“At this very snap shot in time, some of our classes would be 29 and 30…they’re saying that by the time we get there we won’t have that many students,” Sorrell said, “I have my reservations about that, but I think it’s a wait and see.”

Town Administrator Michael Milanoski proposed a three-step process plan at the Committee meeting Monday night that will bring the project to a future “yes” vote.

Step one includes hiring an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM), step two includes choosing a preferred site, and step three is coming to consensus on a final project to bring before Town Meeting.

“The goal was so the Committee would have the ability of trying to take a step-by-step process to narrow down their solutions,” Milanoski said, “We all want to build a new school, [but] how do we get from four different options down to one option… this was a three-step process of getting there.”

The Committee will take a formal vote and make any modifications to the process at their next meeting on July, 7.

Sorrell said the Committee will be coming to a feasibility study agreement with the MSBA in the coming weeks.

After that, they will go to the MSBA meeting on July, 30 to be accepted into the capital pipeline, and the study can begin.

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