Brockton: Mayor says cancelled meeting with City Council geared toward power plant litigation

Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter is shedding some light on a meeting he was scheduled to hold with members of the City Council. The meeting, which was supposed to take place in executive session last week, was eventually cancelled. According to the mayor, the information he was planning to discuss behind closed doors could have an impact on future negotiations.

“When you’re involved in litigation, you don’t openly discuss figures and strategy for the other side to have access to,” said Carpenter. “Any attorney would tell you in litigation you don’t share with the plaintiff on the other side exactly what you’re planning to do or exactly what information you may have.”

Instead the meeting was postponed and paperwork for the ongoing litigation with power plant developer Advanced Power was sent to the home of each city councilor. There are seven legal actions that are pending including a $68 million dollar lawsuit. Carpenter says there are two ways the city could go moving forward; spend $2.3 million dollars to fight a losing battle or discuss a possible settlement of all pending litigation.

“It’s clear to me know, based upon the information that I’ve provided, that as the CEO of the city, it would be incumbent on me to at least explore that option and to at least initiate some conversation and discussions among the attorneys on both sides to see if there’s the potential for such a settlement,” Carpenter said.

The city solicitor has informed each councilor that his office would be willing to hold a meeting with the City Council to answer any questions they might have on the situation. There’s no indication that a meeting is being scheduled at this time.



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