(UPDATE) East Bridgewater: Eight arrests made in armed home invasion

Updated at 6:00 PM on 7/30/2014:

A total of eight arrests have been made in East Bridgewater in connection with an armed home invasion on Tuesday.

East Bridgewater Police Chief John Cowan confirmed the arrests for WATD, and he said the 8th arrest was made Wednesday with the Norwood Police Department, and that suspect has not been arraigned yet.

Police were called to a home on 601 North Central Street Tuesday after a call came in for an armed home invasion at 3am.

The eight arrested and facing charges include: Algier Griffeth, Steeve Jean, Stevenson Desauguste, Pompesky Aspil, Ashley J. Smith, James Hillaire and Yoffique Stapleton.

All suspects pleaded not-guilty in Brockton District Court to charges including: one count of home invasion of a firearm, three counts of kidnapping with a firearm, five counts of armed assault in a dwelling, and kidnapping a child and armed kidnapping.

Cowan says the investigation is continuing and far from done.

Shawn Raymond, who lives in the home with his grandparents, says the armed and masked people, including one woman, were after his expensive sneaker collection. Some of which were found in the woods, near his home.

Raymond was arrested last year in connection with several pounds of marijuana found in his home.

Earlier Story Published at 8:00 PM on 7/29/2014

Six people have been taken into custody in connection with armed home invasion early Tuesday morning in East Bridgewater.
East Bridgewater Police Chief John Cowan told WATD’s Larry Nelson at the scene, that the people were taken into custody along with someone who tried to help them.
Police were also searching for all the reported weapons in the 3:00 a.m. invasion on North Central Street.
One person in the home suffered injuries at the hand of the assailants.
Several items in connection with the home invasion were found in the woods, including a mask, and a bag of expensive sneakers.
Police were still searching for two suspects in connection with the home invasion and have asked area residents to report anyone suspicious along with any discarded items they may find.

Earlier Story Published at 1:00 PM on 7/29/2014

There has been an ongoing manhunt in East Bridgewater for armed home invasion suspects. It happened on North Central Street overnight, and that’s where the search is centered today. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s office says their K-9 and BCI units are over there along with a SWAT team. This Reverse 9-1-1 call went out to East Bridgewater residents this morning:

“This is a message from the East Bridgewater police department. We are currently looking for one or two male suspects who may have been involved in an armed home invasion this morning, in the area of North Central Street. The suspects fled into the woods west of Route 18. If you see anything suspicious in your area, please call the East Bridgewater Police Department at 508-378-7223.”

There are unconfirmed reports that at least six people broke into a home on North Central Street around 3am Tuesday morning, all carrying guns, pistol whipped a man in the home before robbing items. Reports indicate police have five people in custody, four men and a woman, and at least two suspects are still being searched for. According to the Enterprise, police recovered masks, gloves, expensive shoes, and at least one gun in the woods behind North Central Street.

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