Plymouth: MSBA approves funding for the new $107 million Plymouth South High School

The Massachusetts School Building Authority–or MSBA–approves funding for the new Plymouth South High School that will cost $107 million.

At a Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Board Meeting this week Plymouth Schools entered into an agreement for funding of the new South High School. Dr. Gary Maestas is Superintendent of Schools:

“It was a great day for Plymouth because it was unanimously approved to move forward and we were offered a funding agreement,” said Maestas.

That agreement calls for a little over 53 percent reimbursement by MSBA, but not everything is reimbursable:

“We have to figure out what’s reimbursable, what isn’t. Of the things that are reimbursable, it’s 53.3%. When all things said and done, we’ll probably get about 50% reimbursement because some things aren’t reimbursable, like we have to upgrade our sewer plant on the property, and they don’t reimburse for that,” said Maestas.

When completed, there will be a significant difference between North and South High Schools:

“The Plymouth South building has a vocational-technical component to it and it also has a academic component to it. So it’s a melding of those programs-and it makes it very unique,” said Maestas.


Plymouth HS

The new Plymouth South High School plans


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