Goldie’s September 19, 2016 Hot Sheet

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September 19, 2016 


Jam On!  Doves & Figs Jam ~ Since 2011 Robin Cohen’s Arlington based Jam Pantry has been servin’ up splendid seasonal flavored Jams, Chutneys and Fruit Mustards, all crafted from locally gathered fruits grown on Massachusetts farms 

Doves & Figs Jams are made with pure cane sugar, no added pectin or preservatives along with herbs, spices, nuts, dried and fresh fruits and spirits making for the perfect pairings for artisanal breads, meats and cheeses

Chocolate_Jam_collection_1024x1024Doves & Figs Gift Pack ~ Chocolate Jam Trio 

Tastes such as “Sunday Brunch” ~ Ripe local red raspberries and red currants, pink champagne and a sprinkle of mint and “Nothin’ But Blue Skies” ~ Sweet summer blueberries with a bit of Port wine and cinnamon or “Harvest Fair” ~ Local apples, dried Mission figs, crunchy almonds and a touch of sugar and spices and swirled with local dark honey can be enjoyed all year long.  Price $12.00 11.5oz jar

Gift Packs like Mustard Duo ~ 9 oz. Cranberry Fruit Mustard and 9 oz. Apple Hard Cider Mustard  Price $18.00  OR  Chocolate Jam Trio ~ crafted with Taza Stone-ground chocolate:  9 oz. Cape Escape (Fresh Cape Cod cranberries and chocolate), 9 oz. Razzle Dazzle (raspberry and chocolate) and 9 oz. Chocolate Fig Sunshine (fig, apple, orange and chocolate) Price $27.00, make for unique and savory treats for just about any gift giving occasion



Home is Where the Heart Lies!  Aging is inevitable and sometimes so is illness.  Alzheimer’s and dementia are diseases that affect many of our loved ones, friends and neighbors

There’s hope for those affected ~ The Lantern of Madison is a ground breaking Biophilic assisted living and memory care facility located in Ohio that’s implementing ground breaking methods to deal with some of the nasty side effects often associated with  Alzheimer’s and dementia

The Lantern uses creative interior design, fiber optic ceilings that appear scattered with clouds during the day and dark at night and music such as birds chirping plays throughout the day 

lanternofmadison4The Lantern Assisted Living Facility

Patient Suites are built to look like comforting 1940’s neighborhood streets with sidewalks and grass, lamp posts, brick facades and rocking chairs outside each guest’s “home” because these patients tend to lose short term memory but hold onto their earliest of memories  

Holistic therapies, Spa, Svayus Memory Care, exercise and nutrition are some of the services offered at Lantern facilities 

For more information or to schedule a visit to one of the three Lantern Locations ~ Madison, Saybrook and Chagrin Valley go to or Phone 1-444-996-5084



When hitting the road, it never hurts to be prepared for what life throws at ‘cha.   LifeStraw by Swiss manufacturer Vestergaard is the portable device that converts contaminated water into safe to drink water.  Great for traveling, camping, hiking or as a tool in your Emergency Preparedness Kit

LifeStraw products feature a replaceable carbon capsule that safely reduces up to 99% of bad taste, chlorine and organic chemical matter such as pesticides, herbicides and VOC, protozoan parasites and waterborne bacteria


The sleek 4.4oz LifeStraw Steel is super portable, easy to use and durable Price $54.95


LifeStraw Go with 2 Stage Filtration is a Paba Free Plastic Water Bottle that holds 22 oz of filtered water, comes in 5 colors and also has with a clip for outdoor activities.  Weighing in at less than 8 oz. it’s great for everyday uses like the gym, in the car or take it to work.  Price $49.95

LifeStraw has an array of other products too!



Footloose!  And Fancy Free ~ why not support your 2016 Presidential Election pick with a pair of colorful Tube, Crew, or Ankle Socks from Joy of Socks (Made in the USA)


Sport your fave Political Party or Candidate to the Polls, on the golf course or out ‘n about ‘round town


Republican, Democrat,  Donald Trump,  Hillary Clinton and of course Patriotic USA Stars and Stripes themes.  Heck go totally Old School with JFK.  Prices start as low as $3.95 to $22.00 



Dial it back!  With Slow Dance ~ A Picture Frame that seems to slow down time.   Created by Cambridge based Wiz and Discovery Channel’s Time Warp Host  Jeff Lieberman.   Jeff btw, holds 4 Degrees from MIT!  

Just place a delicate object like a feather or leaf inside the frame and watch as it appears to move in slow motion.  How?  An electromagnet and strobe lights that blink so fast you can’t see them 

slowdanceSlow Dance Picture Frame 

The wonder, beauty and grace of this piece of art must be seen to be explained ~ Click here to view Slow Dance in Motion

Pre-Order Price $249.00 ** Shipping starting March 2017


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