Plymouth: Selectmen Endorse Future Energy Proposal at Pilgrim

Plymouth has an opportunity to continue to collect revenue from the property associated with the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant and keep clean energy flowing into the state.

Plant owner Entergy Corporation plans to stop producing electricity at the plant in 2019. Decommissioning the site will take many years.

Entergy leaves behind miles of power lines that originate at the plant. A gas-fired plant could use those lines. Or hydro and wind generated electricity shipped from Canada could use the lines.

Tuesday night, Plymouth selectmen took the first steps toward the latter, endorsing a proposal to make available a parcel the town already acquired (for unpaid taxes) adjacent to those power lines.

We spoke with Director of the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Kevin O’Reilly.

“What they’ve determined is that by converting the power from alternating current in the north to direct current, and putting it into undersea cable, there won’t be as much line loss but when it comes out of the ocean they need to convert it back into alternating current so it can get back into the grid,” said O’Reilly.

If Plymouth Town Meeting approves, the town would sell the parcel to one of two companies who plan to bid for the right to sell the electricity.

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