Plymouth: County Commissioners’ Salary Increase on FY ’18 Budget

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Greg Hanley, Sandra Wright, Dan Pallotta, Administrative Assistant Nancy O’Rourke, County Administrator Frank Basler


The Plymouth County Commissioners’ FY ’18 budget calls for a significant pay increase for Commissioners Greg Hanley, Dan Pallotta and Sandra Wright. This increase almost doubles their salary.

Although it’s being called a reinstatement, it’s unlikely many will see it as anything other than a whopper of a pay raise from the Commissioners’ current annual salary of $15,000 – $28,000. This—for part time work—all three Commissioners have full-time jobs.

Back a few years ago when Commissioner Dan Pallotta was chair of the County Advisory Board — a group consisting of representatives of the 27 communities that make up Plymouth County — he cut the pay of the Commissioners as low as he possibly could.

“The salary was cut to $7,500 which was the lowest allowed by statute,” said County Administrator Frank Basler.

But when Pallotta ran for Commissioner and won, things changed.

“Two years after he was elected, it was brought back, because things were starting to look better—it was brought up to $15,000,” said Basler.

However, things must be looking a great deal better because “now they’re looking to do the final reinstatement of the salary back to $28,000.”

Perhaps taxpayers, who actually will fund this pay increase, would prefer the money be spent to help pay the salaries of three needed employees at the Registry of Deeds—especially since that department generates the majority of income to the County.

The proposed FY ’18 budget will be discussed when the Commissioners meet on April 6.

Listen to the story below:

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