Plymouth: Selectmen Propose Budget Amendment Reversing Commissioners’ Salary Boost

Greg Hanley, Sandra Wright, Dan Pallotta, Administrative Assistant Nancy O’Rourke, County Administrator Frank Basler

(L-R) County Commissioners Greg Hanley, Sandra Wright, Dan Pallotta, Admin. Assistant Nancy O’Rourke, County Administrator Frank Basler


In Plymouth this week, the Board of Selectmen said no to a pay raise for County Commissioners, Greg Hanley, Dan Pallotta and Sandra Wright — an increase that almost doubles their current salary of $15,000. Commissioners have built this pay increase into their FY’18 budget.

Selectmen Chairman Ken Tavares says the Board is unanimous in proposing to the County Advisory Board an amendment to the budget.

“The Board of Selectmen instructed me to offer and put forth an amendment to the budget that would bring the Commissioners’ salary back to what it is now from the $28,000 that is being proposed in the new budget,” said Tavares.

The Advisory Board consists of representatives of the 27 communities that make up Plymouth County. This group will vote on the budget at their meeting next month.

But, the value, or weight of the vote of each community varies according to equalized values computed by the MASS Department of Revenue. The Town of Plymouth’s vote carries the most weight.

Tavares says the Board was very clear that they feel the position of County Commissioner does not justify a $28,000 stipend and they feel that money could be better used elsewhere.

“… part of the discussion was that maybe that should go to the Registry of Deeds or bringing back other people that have been laid off,” said Tavares.

Listen to the story below:

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