Plymouth: Debate Over Who Should Pay for Sewer Repairs Lingers Despite Almost All Residents Benefit from Treatment Plant

In Plymouth, there is disagreement about who should pay the over $48 million costs to repair the sewer system, those who are actually connected to the town’s sewer system, or all the residents.

Among those who do not want to be responsible for these costs are some residents of Pine Hills, and the reason is they have their own sewer treatment system. But according to DPW Director Jonathan Beder, the town’s treatment plant is more sophisticated than the Pine Hills’ plant.

“So, they transport their sludge to our treatment plant for proper disposal. We take the water out of it and then ship up to Cranston—that’s about economics for the Pine Hills. So, we do take their product at our plant,” said Beder.

And many of those who have their own septic systems, have it cleaned and the material hauled away.

“But I think a lot of people are unaware of where those haulers are draining that material once they pump out their septic systems. There is a strong chance that it’s going to Plymouth, because again, it’s local, and the haulers get a discounted rate for bringing it to the Plymouth plant, once it’s in bulk,” said Beder.

There are about 3,200 people connected to the municipal sewer connection system, and if only they paid the $48 million bill for the repair of the system, for residential customers.

“They could see rate increases anywhere between 55% and 80% of their bill. Some of the restaurants downtown could see increases more than doubling,” said Beder.

Listen to the story below:

Plymouth Sewer Treatment Plant

Plymouth Sewer Treatment Plant


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