Hanover: Yellowman’s Home for Sale

Update 3:45 p.m., Yellowman’s Attorney Reaches Out:

Yellowman told WATD yesterday he wanted to move from his home in Hanover.

His attorney, Brian Cook, says he thinks his client doesn’t actually plan to sell.

“I think he’s gotten a little frustrated. He has discussed the possibility of cleaning it up and having the opportunity or the option to put it up for sale if he chooses,” said Cook.

“But I think he likes where he is, and I think he’ll stay for in the near future, and maybe the long future as well.”

The next hearing on his cleanup will be on July 12.


Original story below:

With tears in his eyes, Hanover’s Yellowman said it’s time to move somewhere more calm.

He confirmed to WATD the “For Sale by Owner” sign at the front of his home is indeed for his property.

“I’m just going to take it slow. One step at a time,” said Yellowman. “I will get my hair back, yellow. Happiness, sunshine. I hope.”

Flanked by a car dealership and numerous shops, his little yellow house on Washington Street in Hanover has been a fixture for years.

Many in town know 73-year-old Harold Watt, the man who has lived in the home he said he built with his father in 1960.

He said he prefers the name Yellowman because it represents sunshine and happiness.

But he’s having trouble.

“I feel like when you can’t do what you want, be left alone, I feel like I’m living in a prison to society,” said Yellowman.

He walks up and down Route 53 picking up anything that’s discarded.

He said he used to find scrap and sell it to buy groceries for others.

Town officials have been trying to get him to clean up clutter around his property. It’s come a long way since last November when the process started. In March, the update given was that the front and inside of the home were compatible.

But the process hit a snag on Wednesday at the last hearing.

“From my understanding of the health and building inspectors, the rear of the house has an enormous amount of debris that is impossible to navigate, creating a safety hazard,” said Town Counsel David DeLuca.

He said a back wooden staircase was crumbling, creating an additional concern.

Yellowman told WATD that he contacted someone to get it fixed, but never heard back.

He said he’s been stressed out throughout the process.

“My little ticker is starting to feel it,” he said.

The town has had a court-appointed receiver on standby since November.

If it’s determined that Yellowman is unable to clean up the property himself, DeLuca said the receiver may have to step in.

He said a receiver has access to funds to get a contractor to complete the work. Any unpaid bills from that could result in a lien on Yellowman’s home.

But that decision will be delayed. Yellowman and his attorney, Brian Cook, were not in court Wednesday.

While court documents showed Cook as Yellowman’s attorney, calls to his cellphone and office were not returned. Yellowman said a close friend had a medical emergency.

DeLuca hopes to get all the parties together on July 12.

“We’re hopefully the defendant and his attorney will be present,” said DeLuca. “Either we’ll have a plan in place, or we won’t. At which point the court will likely set a further date for compliance.”

As passing cars whizzed by, Yellowman said he just wants to get away from all the commotion.

“This town burnt me to a frazzle. And I can’t blame the town. Sometimes you bring your own burden and move on,” said Yellowman.

“There’s still a lot of good people here, and I can’t take it all out on them. With my stupidity, I just should of sold out, but I wouldn’t have met all these people I met, you know?”

Harold Watt, also known as "Yellowman" stands in front of his home in Hanover. Photo taken on Nov. 22, 2016 by Lenny Rowe.

Yellowman stands in front of his home in Hanover. Photo taken Nov. 22, 2016 by Lenny Rowe.

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