Plymouth: New Town Hall on Track for September Opening

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In Plymouth, the new town hall is just around the corner from its current location on Lincoln Street, but it’s a big move…

Town Manager Melissa Arrighi’s target date for the move is sometime in September.

“Right now furniture delivery is scheduled for August 21st. I think that we’ll be in by the end of September, but of course anything can happen between now and then,” said Arrighi.

But the turnover time for being ready to go is a different matter and to make that happen Arrighi is working with communications and IT experts.

“That’s something we’re all a little nervous about, so we’re working closely with Joe Young, our IT Director, as well as members from PACTV and some of our other communications experts,” said Arrighi.

In order to get all the technology up and running, Arrighi says the plan is to shut down town hall services for two days.

“We do have to move our servers and then be up and running, so at this point, we’ll probably shutdown on a Friday and a Monday,” said Arrighi.

Arrighi is disappointed the bids on the town hall parking deck came in too high.

“We’ll try that again. I don’t think we’ve given up on that entirely,” said Arrighi.

But concerning parking, the Town Manager says “We’re going to stick to our promises that you will be able to park and come in and do town business and there will not be any issues in terms of parking tickets or paying to park.”

Listen to the story below:

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