Marshfield: Chamber of Commerce Wants to Improve Beaches to Increase Town Revenue

The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce is getting involved with furthering efforts to improve beaches and in turn increase town revenue.

One of Marshfield’s biggest assets are the beaches in the area, and according to the Town Planner, Beach Commissioner and the Coastal Advisory Committee, they are not being utilized.

Member of the Coastal Advisory Committee, Jack Sullivan, says they have engaged the Woods Hole Group to put together a beach management plan, and outlines what sorts of improvements are included.


The areas included in the plan are Rexhame Beach, Winslow Avenue Beach, Fieldston Beach, Sunrise Beach, Brant Rock Beach, and Green Harbor Beach.

However, Sullivan says this process will take time to get through the conceptual phase, agree on what the specific beach should potentially offer, and then take the steps to implement the plan.

At the meeting, the common goal discussed is not to overdevelop any area, but to be able to draw and support large amounts of people to visit the beaches, shop at local retailers and dine in near-by restaurants.


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